The Roguemance Game Combines Relationship Elements With Engaging Combat

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: store.steampowered & pcgamer
The Rougemance game is a wonderful innuendo-driven tale of romance, relationships and finding love through combat. Rougmance features a procedurally generated generated world tasks players with defending the world of Heartipelago. Like msot RPG's, players will be tasked with fending off monsters, but the game sets itself apart through its partner system. Before players set off for adventure they must first seek out a generated partner to join them. Each partner has their own personalities, likes, and motivations, and players will have to work alongside those desires in order to keep the relationship strong.

Once players have found a partner, they can begin their journey in monster slaying. The Rougmance game functions as a menu-based combat game, with players having to keep track of their position as well as their partner. Through combat and exploration, players will either grow close or further to their partner. It is up to players to decide whether to move on or compromise with their partners, and will ultimately have to make sacrifices for them. In this regard, the Rougemance game finds a way to portray elements of relationships in an engaging RPG adventure.

Image Credit: Lucas Molina