This 'Rock Mosaic' DIY Leather Jacket Infuses Two Fabrics Together

 - May 2, 2013
References: rockmosaic
Become a fashion designer with this 'Rock Mosaic' DIY Leather Jacket. Who cares if this is the only thing you've ever created? That's still more than most people have done. Using that blazer that you hardly ever wear and that thrifted leather jacket you impulsively purchased, a glorious garment can be formed.

Leaving the majority of the blazer's body alone, this DIY focuses solely on redesigning the sleeves of the jacket. The leather sleeves of your former impulse purchase are sewn on where the arms of the blazer used to be. This look gives the impression that a business woman and a biker collided and the result was this fabulous and fierce jacket. However, no collision takes place just your creative genius and sewing skills to do the job.