This Robotic Walker Could Help Teach Patients to Walk Again

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: & gizmag
Scientists at the National University of Singapore have developed a high-tech robotic walker that could make it considerably easier to rehabilitate victims of strokes and brain injuries as they learn to walk again. Usually, patients are made to re-learn how to walk on a treadmill with multiple physiotherapists required to hold them up.

However, the robotic walker is designed to move with the user rather than confining them to a treadmill where they have to be assisted by multiple physiotherapists.

The robotic walker has a special omni-directional platform that supports the patient's body weight. Pelvis and trunk movements are given powered support, while force sensors detect the direction in which the patient is looking to move and ensure that the walker moves in that direction.

The walker even corrects flawed gait by sending electrical stimulation to specific muscles at key points within the stride.