This Wearable Robotic Suit Makes You Strong as a Superhero

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: & enewspaperofindia
Italian robotics research group 'Perceptual Robotics Laboratory' has invented an incredible robotic suit exoskeleton that gives its wearer superhuman physical strength.

The engineers label their invention a 'body extender', as it effectively acts as an incredibly strong extension of the human body. The robotic suit is able to track complex movements of the human body and amplify the force of its wearer. This allows the wearer to lift up to 110 pounds with each hand.

However, it's not merely about strength alone. It is also impressively flexible and is able to move in 22 degrees of freedom, thanks to its electric motor. The body extender's combination of strength and flexibility means it could be used to assemble complicated, heavy products like aircraft. It could also be very useful to rescue people trapped under heavy debris after earthquakes.