KUKA Displays its Superior Skills in This Robot Commercial

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: kuka & huhmagazine
This KUKA robot commercial adds to the man versus machine debate. KUKA pits its robotic arm against the greatest table tennis player in the world.

Advances in robotics have been able to increase productivity that humans are not capable of replicating. This ad sparks the debate of which is better, man or machine, with machine coming out on top.

The commercial starts off by displaying the stats of both competitors that you might see at the beginning of a boxing match. As the table tennis match progresses, the machine has taken an immense lead. By this point, the man looks like he is out of the game until he hits the net with the ball realizing that there are faults in play that can help him win. In the end, after exploiting reach limits of the robot, man wins.

The robot commercial ends stating that KUKA robots may not be the best at table tennis, but they are the best when it comes to robotics.