RiSR Vest Improves Your Posture to Help You in Social Situations

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: risr.me & fashioningtech
A Switzerland-based team of researchers have created a device, the RiSR vest, that may help you feel and look more confident in social situations.

The RiSR vest is a piece of wearable technology designed to improve your posture via vibration feedback. By doing so, the vest may help you look and feel more confident in situations that call for it, such as talking to the opposite sex or presenting in front of a group of people. As the designers' website describes, many of our day-to-day communications are based on body language, and the vest helps you improve your body "skills" in order to improve your interactions with others and the way they perceive you.

To use the innovative system requires an intense calibration and role-playing process, which is shown in this video. The RiSR vest needs to "learn" an individual's body movements and posture habits before it can successfully help you improve your body positions in the real-world.