Retro Not Metro

 - Jan 4, 2007
References: living.scotsman & news.agendainc
According to one style commentator, Retrosexual is the new Metrosexual when it comes to style.

While years past witnessed a rise in salon savvy, style-concsious men, the retrosexual is the opposite. Retrosexuals prefer to work on the car over a day in the spa. They abandon Italian style for more traditional men's apparel.

Style commentator John Davidson told the Scotsman, "There is a feeling that people are looking for something to go in place of the metrosexual idea. Daniel Craig in Bond is just one example of the move, but think also about other film stars such as Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn and Jimmy Stewart. The idea is to try and be more rounded than a metrosexual, not so obviously into moisturising. Some celebrities are moving with the trend, Brat Pitt was a metrosexual, but he has since rebranded himself as a retrosexual."

Picture from: JCrew's 2007 Online Catalog