'Rifa G'09' is a Red Brick Version of a Shotgun Shack

 - Dec 28, 2016
References: archdaily
'Rifa G'09,' a house in Uruguay, shares a design trait with an unexpected architectural cousin. The red brick bungalow is composed of several thick volumes that are only connected to one another by the floor and ceiling, allowing direct views through the house from one end to the other. Oddly enough, this straight-shot view is the same as in shotgun shacks, the traditional apartments that stand in New Orleans to this day.

The impetus behind shotgun shacks and Rifa G'09 are quite different from one another, however. Shotgun shacks had empty space from end to end in order to reduce frontage while still maximizing livable space, as property tax was charged based on frontage rather than square footage in French Louisiana. Rifa G'09's design is also an economic decision, but with a different purpose. The open space permits breezes to move through the house, saving money on air conditioning in the summery city.