The Ridgewood Tiny Home Features Dual Lofts For Added Spaciousness

Alabama-based company Timbercraft Tiny Homes is no stranger to the idea of supersized tiny homes, but its new offering, the Ridgewood, stands out from its previous offerings thanks to the fact that it offers increased spaciousness without necessarily boosting the footprint of the home.

The Ridgewood tiny home has not one but two lofts which, added to the rest of the interior, accounts for a square footage of 38.4 square metres in a triple axer trailer package that looks far more compact than one would expect. Among the other features of this tiny home is a storage-integrated staircase, and a tankless water heater.

By using a loft-focused design, the Ridgewood tiny home proves that tiny home dwelling doesn't have to be a cramped and claustrophobic affair.