You Can Now Invite Rick Astley to Dinner and Serve Rick Rolls on the Table

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: nerdist & thatsnerdalicious
The peak height of rickrolling was probably around 2008, but for some rick rolls are something they're never gonna give up. The Internet meme-referencing buns have Rick Astley's face printed on them, making them a carbalicious addition to any supper. In addition to giving you the opportunity to play with your food, the rolls also enable you to finally rickroll and friends or family you were unable to reach online.

Created by Jenn Fujikawa of the Nerdist, the Rick Astley Rick Rolls are made using King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, black gel food dye and a silhouette of the singer's face that will fit on the bun. The dinner rolls are never gonna let you down.