The Rhino Shield Protects Phones From the Brutalist Situations

 - Feb 17, 2013
Dropping an iPhone puts it at serious risk of cracking the delicate glass body, which is where the Rhino Shield can step in to help protect your phone from the highest impacts out there. The product works quite simply: install it onto the phone screen and it goes straight to work.

The Rhino Shield works by keeping the phone’s screen secure and safe from impact or debris without compromising touch-based capabilities. Crystal clear and east to install, the Rhino Shield is smudge-resistant and also helps to effectively combat moisture. What’s more, the scratch-resistant nanotechnology means that even while it’s working hard to protect, it won’t become overtly beat up.

Being an avid iPhone user myself, I can see why the Rhino Shield isn’t just another accessory, but clearly a must-have for any user. Smartphones are on the cutting-edge of technology, but they sure are made from delicate materials. The Rhino Shield can help effectively reduce the instance of a cracked screen without having to compromise any features or aesthetics of the simplistic device.

For more information, find Rhino Shield on Kickstarter.