The RGB Colorspace Atlas Physically Depicts All the Hues in the World

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: taubaauerbach & neatorama
The RGB Colorspace Atlas is not full of vibrant maps, despite what the use of the word 'atlas' would lead some people to believe. Nor, at first glance, does it involve imagery depicting the different climates of the world. These very thick books simply show off all the colors in the world. Although, that is no simple feat at all.

Comprised of 8 x 8 x 8-inch hard-back cubes, the RGB Colorspace Atlas represents the RGB color scheme in a page-by-page medium. Offering an amazing way to visualize all the hues in existence, it was exhaustingly created by American artist Tauba Auerbach in collaboration with Daniel E. Kelm. It was printed at Wide Awake Garage.