Dodge Viper Concept Design From1967 Imagined Today

 - Feb 11, 2009
References: carbodydesign
This ingenious design by Brazilian Rafael Reston defies convention and travels back in time to produce a 1967 concept for the marvelous Dodge Viper. The resulting model is a stunning sporty vehicle that charmingly combines the sophistication of the 60s with the vigor of the modern times. 

The broad research carried out on design, materials and construction methods of the 60s are apparent in gentle details such as the large circular headlamps, the 15-inch rims, the elegant chrome trims and the graceful curves on the vehicles body. These are smoothly blended with current design elements of the Dodge Viper, such as the overall proportions of the car as well as the curved roof, the impressive air vents, and the driver seat positioning close to the rear axle.

Finishing touches on this antique-aspiring masterpiece include a chrome and leather interior and a steering wheel made of mahogany wood. The selected range of colors aims at blending the concept vehicle in a late 60s atmosphere, also including shades of the earliest Viper models in the 90s. The designer reportedly relates his creation with the wine color, considering it equivalent to the contemporary red.