'Reverse the Curse' Gives Goats While Helping Cubs Fans

 - Dec 5, 2011
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When you buy a Reverse the Curse Chicago t-shirt, you're not only getting a fun tee, you're also joining a movement, and giving a family in a developing country the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Through a partnership with World Vision, the social enterprise donates 20% of the proceeds from every purchase toward to the cost of a dairy goat. The goat then gives these families the opportunity to start a small business selling milk and cheese, and if the family owns more than one goat, selling meat and offspring.

The "curse" in the branding refers to the legendary Chicago Cubs curse. For non-baseball fans, the curse was said to be placed in 1945 after the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern brought his goat to a World Series game at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, fans weren't so fond of the goat smell, so he was asked to leave, upon which he said, "Them Cubs, they aren't gonna win no more."

The interpretations of the specifics of the curse differ, but the entrepreneurs behind Reverse the Curse are incorporating a bit of karmic superstition into their business. Their hope is that while they "fight against the 'curses' afflicting the world's children," they'll also be helping reverse the Chicago Cubs curse.

The founders are "a small group of Cubs fans that are desperately hoping to see a World Series in their lifetime. Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and Chief Goat Giver Jeremy Freeman began building this plan a couple weeks before the Chicago Cubs home opener on April 1st 2011."

Other products include the Reverse the Curse Blogging Strategy + Execution ($1,750), a custom cause event ($5,000), EPIC GOAT Search Engine Optimization ($1,500), and other Internet entrepreneurship-focused products. They also offer a 75 minute "free" marketing consultation in exchange for $75 -- enough to buy a goat for a family in Africa.

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