CamFind is a Handy App That Lets You Reverse Image Search with Photos

 - Dec 16, 2014
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CamFind is an app that harnesses the power of reverse image search for the photos that you take—the powerful visual search engine is capable of identifying items from photos no matter the object or angle.

Beyond just identifying objects that you take photos of, what makes this app useful is that you're able to get Google image results at your fingertips without having to type a single word. From there, CamFind pulls up a variety of search results and compares prices for the best items, or shows you items that are related to your search. This way, searching for something specific is extremely easy, especially when it comes to online shopping, price comparisons, locating addresses or even finding movies.

Other features in the app include a language translator, voice and text search, as well as a built-in QR and barcode scanner.