Retro VW Tent Pitches Up Some Camp-Happy Nostalgia

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: thatslikewhoa
For those who thought only squares go camping, there is the new Retro VW tent. The retro tent takes its inspiration from the iconic VW camper van, often fondly referred to as the 'hippie-mobile'. The tents come in a multitude of different colors, and are as fun and playful as the camper vans they emulate.

The retro VW tent is the same size as the original camper van, and embodies a similar sort of charm. This charm lends itself well to its future occupants, with an ample interior to listen to Incense and peppermints or search for Lucy in the sky with diamonds. These icon-imitating retro VW tents are likely to start popping up at campgrounds, backyards, and possibly even cottages sometime soon. The tents are a perfect way to recapture the past, or to share memories with a new generation.