The Stormproof Match Kit Ignites Under Extreme Conditions

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: industrialrev & shop.coolmaterial
The Stormproof Match Kit is the ideal waterproof alternative to lighting a match in wet weather conditions.

For anyone who's hiking or camping, the Stormproof Match Kit is an essential backup to lighters. It's waterproof, windproof and will hold up nicely under a variety of harsh weather conditions. But what really sets these matches apart from others is that it can stay lit for up to 15 seconds even when submerged underwater. The container's ribbed design makes it easy to grip and has three strikers outside so that there's a surface to ignite fire with.

The Stormproof Match Kit is definitely a useful product for campers who don't want to take their chances against the rain or cold.