Yubz Creates Handsets That Look Great and Protect You From Radiation

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: yubz
While Retro Phone docks help you channel your vintage self at home, you can now be retro and chic in public too, with these Retro Handsets for your mobile phones. Carry these retro handsets, connect them to your mobile phone and speak away. While these handsets, manufactured by Yubz, look great, they also have the benefit of protecting you from the strong radiation waves of your cell phone. Yubz claims that the Retro Handset has been certified to reduce cell phone radiation by 96%.

They come in different colors, including metallic gold and silver, and in funky prints too. Products such as these combine good marketing with a cause that people care about. Cell phone radiation is a contested topic in many places, and these products encourage users to be safe and creative at the same time by using this innovative product.