This Whimsical 70-Pound Resume Design Was Sent in For a Game Designer Position

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: mrdeepimmersion.tumblr & geek
It's not often that managers receive a 70-pound resume when looking to fill a role, but this resume design is exactly that going beyond a simple page or PDF file with a resume designed as a 3D stone tablet. The resume, created by Tumblr user Dr. Deep Immersion, was sent in for a position to be a Dungeons & Dragons game designer.

Keeping in theme with his potential new position, Dr. Deep Immersion created a resume that one might send during medieval times. The resume was delivered as a replica stone tablet that incased a written resume sealed with a wax stamp. The resume was hidden inside the fake stone tablet, that needed to be broken with a hammer and chisel which were conveniently sent along with the resume inside a wooden box. The resume cleverly taps into a fantastical imagination the designer position would require, allowing him to score the position.