Mini Billboards in a Pop

 - Feb 29, 2008
References: davisadvertisinginc & advercan
Here's a neat advertising gimmick; a marketing company has launched new cans that contain hidden messages.

The resealable aluminum containers by Advercan look like totally normal soft drink cans... until the tab is popped to reveal the high-res graphic or message.

They were created by soft drink junkie, Johan De Broyer, a Ukrainian inventor who's constantly dreaming up new ways to sell pop. Advercan further developed his idea.

Aside from being a crazy marketing vehicle, they have cool functionality. Even after being opened, the can be closed again, not letting out any air or water. All you have to do is twist the tab 180 degrees, and it's resealed. Seriously. Image, you could crack open your Sprite or Bud Light, have a few sips, then close it and nestle it in the sand next to you on the beach, and you'll be guaranteed no spills and no wasps.