The Reptile Concept Car with 700 Horsepower Leaves Prius in the Dust

 - Apr 1, 2011
References: coroflot & ecofriend
Forget everything you know about hybrid cars before you check out the Reptile concept car. The Reptile concept car is a hybrid roadster designed by Arturo Arino that packs a monstrous 700 horsepower.

For a gas-powered car, 700 horsepower is impressive, but for a hybrid car to have that much power under the hood is unheard of! The electric engine will power the Reptile through any regular periods of driving with the 2700cc gas-powered engine giving you that extra oomph when needed. Arino is aiming to keep the Reptile from needing to be plugged in by designing it with a regenerative technology to capture electricity from the rotating wheels.

Like all amazing cars, the Reptile is still just a concept, but I'm going to hope against hope that this eco-friendly bad boy one day sees the streets.