Celebs For Hire

 - Sep 9, 2007
References: forbes
There would be nothing more 'hot' than getting Paris Hilton to attend your daughter’s Sweet 16 party. If you’ve always wanted to hang out with your favourite celeb, and you have the funds, why not rent a star? It’s not a question of how, but really only a matter of how much your favourite celeb will rent out for.

Really want to impress your golfing buddies? Hire Tiger Woods for a round of private lessons! "A putting lesson with Woods has fetched $155,000," Forbes reported.

Not sure you’ll have enough to talk about at your next dinner party? Let Bill Clinton take care of the conversation. "For as much as $350,000 the 42nd President will riff on global health, climate change and poverty," says Forbes adding that, "He’s famously tough to get, passing on hundreds of offers a year."

Want to know how to strike it rich? There’s always the Donald. "The art of the spiel is a lucrative on for the billionaire real estate and reality show baron." A million bucks and he’ll share his secrets with you.

Love entertaining? For $150,000 an hour, you can hire David Blaine to entertain your guests with his magic tricks. Don’t worry about dinner—just hire the Food Network’s Paula Deen. The "Queen of Southern Cuisine has commanded $240,000 for a private home-style-cooking lesson," all you have to do is supply the kitchen.