The 'Remee' Mask Enhances REM Sleep

It's time to take control of the dream world and start manipulating it to one's own advantage and Bitbanger Labs has got the tool to do it: The 'Remee' mask. This night mask is a simple eye cover that will help patrons sleep soundly and with the help of some carefully constructed micro-chips, make them start controlling what they do while dreaming.

This product is a REM- (rapid eye movement) increasing lucid dream mask and is intended to give people a chance at actually being able to let their imaginations run free while being able to actively remember what is happening. Beyond being able to do cool things like fly and breathe fire, this product gives people an opportunity to perhaps get over fears while in the dream world by tilting some odds in their favor. It is featured on and has already surpassed a pledge request of $35,000. The masks cost $80. All I've got to say is, dream big!