It's Time to Upgrade with the Reflectius Clock

 - Apr 9, 2010
References: artlebedev & yankodesign
You've really had that old digital clock for too long now. It's time to just let go and step up to the Reflectius Clock. This magnificent piece of time harnesses the awesome power of the laser to make sure you get your butt out of bed on time. In fact, when you hit the snooze button more than twice, the laser actually zaps you. No, I'm just pulling your leg, but what a way to ensure you'd never sleep in again!

Using a set of 60 tiny mirrors, the Reflectius Clock bounces the laser beam off of all of them to display the accurate time. For an exterior shell, you have several options to choose from including one that looks like a stealth jet, which just happens to be my favorite.