The Redefining Action Hero Infographic Says Bill Gates Beats Batman

 - Feb 25, 2012
References: frugaldad & frugaldad's Redefining Action Hero infographic argues that Bill Gates is better than Batman. Based on Jon Stewart's proclamation of Bill Gates as Batman, this infographic aims to take that to the next level by breaking down the wealthy philanthropist's charitable contributions and raising him a level above the beloved comic book action hero.

According to the Redefining Action Hero infographic, so far Bill Gates' charitable pursuits have saved over five million lives (and counting), and has dedicated himself to improving the US education system. takes viewers beyond Gotham by reviewing the numbers and statistics that are a product of Gates' focus.

The Redefining Action Hero infographic also takes a look at Gates' objective to get the world's wealthiest to donate up to 99% of their fortune.