'Half In The Bag' is a Harsh Movie Review Web Series

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: redlettermedia
Movies beware. Mike Stoklasa, the man behind the infamous Star Wars prequel trilogy reviews, has moved on from George Lucas and is now critiquing films on a more frequent basis on his newly launched web series 'Half In The Bag.' The show features himself, his friend Jay Bauman and familiar characters from his other productions such as Harry S. Plinkett.

Stoklasa and his production company, Red Letter Media, first gained notoriety in 2009 when he released a 70-minute review of 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' on YouTube. The review became an overnight internet sensation and has garnered much praise from industry stars such as Simon Pegg and Roger Ebert. Having earned an audience of several million internet viewers, Red Letter Media now hopes to continue its success with the new show 'Half In The Bag,' which focuses more on movies currently playing in theaters. Fans of Red Letter Media can expect Stoklasa and the gang's signature brand of dark humor to be present throughout the reviews.

Check out the first episode of Red Letter Media’s 'Half In The Bag' here.