Glittering Human Clouds by Julie Trembley Don't Look Like Scrap Metal

 - Mar 17, 2009
References: yatzer
The sculptures of Canadian artist Julie Tremblay are made of scrap metal but the lightness of air. They look like sparkly metallic human clouds.

At present, Tremblay is, "working with scrap metal, the leftovers from metal sheets that have been used to make bottle caps as well as chicken wire," according to an interview she did with the folks at Yatzer.

Strangely enough, Julie’s pieces made me reflect back to when I was a young and my father worked at a company that had similar scraps of metal from a manufacturing process. I loved the shape and shine of the punched metal sheets and wondered what could be done with them. I’m so happy someone else had the same thought and the creativity to craft something beautiful from them.