The Recurs(h)ive Project Would Provide Shelter to Those With Totaled Homes

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: opensysdesign & suckerpunchdaily
As populations experience more and more extreme weather, concepts like Recurs(h)ive deliver an ounce of relief to those lucky ones who have survived earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes, floods and forest fires. The project is a system of modular emergency shelters that can help to get towns and cities back on their feet by providing spaces as temporary offices, hospitals, schools, rationing centers and homes.

Marco Vanucci of OPENSYSTEMS has come up with a unique proposal that, at first, resembles a cluster of little ice huts. These are parametric cells designed to be arranged into any number of configurations, creating different and ideal enclosures for specific requirements when more permanent structures have been damaged. Recurs(h)ive would come in a kit for creative yet logical assembly for any society in need.