This Smartphone App Reverts Your Videos Back to 80s Quality VHS

 - Aug 23, 2015
References: & gizmag
Smartphones and video recording apps have revolutionized how we document the world around us. At the touch of a button, we can shoot and record high quality digital video and modify it to perfection on the fly. Sometimes though, wouldn't it be nice to go back to the simpler days of 80s and 90s and classic point and shoot VHS recordings?

Enter the VHS Camcorder by Rarevision, a recording app for your smartphone that takes your fancy digital videos and turns them back to classic videotape quality masterpieces. The distorted look and static sound of the classic VHS technology has been maintained, along with the option to put in your very own retro time and date stamp that many will remember from old camcorder recordings. There is even an option you can turn on that will make the video quality even worse when your phone is tilted back and forth, just like how cameras use to work.