Souri Automaten Creates Record Machine That Cuts and Plays at the Same Time

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: gizmodo & psfk
This record machine by Souri Automaten can cut and play records at the exact same time. Talk about efficient.

For those who want to dish out the $4,000 price tag for the product, any song from a music player can be transferred onto vinyl. To do this, "you just connect the record lathe to a music player of your choice, and once you hit play, a diamond stylus will cut the record in real-time based on the sound vibrations produced from the playing music," according to PSFK. While some people are moving most songs and files to digital format, others still crave the nostalgic sound of a vinyl record machine playing in the background. With this device, listening to music this way becomes that much easier.