Close the Loop by H&M Offers Chic Jeans Made From Reclaimed Clothing

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: barneys & intothegloss
Popular retail brand H&M's reclaimed clothing line Close the Loop is set to come out with sixteen denim-themed clothing items for women, men and kids this year. Each of the pieces have been made with recycled clothing collected from shoppers through the chain's 2013 clothing donation initiative.

The Close the Loop initiative began several years ago as an attempt to reduce unworn clothing by turning it into new workable material. After several years of collecting donations, Close the Loop is finally releasing a denim collection including chic denim jackets and jumpsuits. The collection will available for purchase at various H&M locations.

While the garments are only made with 20% recycled materials, the brand is hoping to be able to increase that number as they continue to work on ways to reuse more fabric.