Patrick Jacobs' Work is Metaphysically Puzzling and Engaging

 - Mar 27, 2018
References: & hifructose
Patrick Jacobs dazzles the art lover with his beautiful and ultra-realistic dioramas. Meant to present "the viewer with a spatial and perceptual conundrum," the visual installations navigate seamlessly between what we take to be familiar and what we perceive to be outerworldly. The artistic work is a mix media masterpiece, consisting of sculpture, painting, among other materials. The worlds, contained in the realistic dioramas, boast a certain dream-like and metaphysical quality, which is complimentary to the lush scenery.

Patrick Jacobs' work can be explored through round glass lenses that are incorporated into the wall of the exhibiting gallery. The artist operates on a wide range of visual focus for the realistic dioramas — from a "quartet of mushrooms, standing in the midst of grass," to a focal view of a run-down toilet.