The Real Photography by Manuel Araya Reflects His Origins

 - Sep 13, 2013
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Manuel Araya is an extremely talented art director, cinematographer and photographer as he proves this throughout his real photography where different stories are told and captured. Araya was born in Argentina and his work reflects his origins and ideas behind the "perfect world."

This series of photographs stems from Araya’s influences where it is said that his "work recalls timeless days of glory falling into decline." Everything is completely rugged and raw within these images where a sense of culture is captured. Guns, cigarettes, porn and alcohol are all vices that show up throughout many of the photos. There are, however, statues of Jesus, balloons and trophies showing the need for hope.

Manuel Araya’s real photography captures everyday life where people may struggle but keep hope alive in the home in order to move forward despite difficult times. There is no "perfect world" per say, but we make the best with what we have.