National Geographic Brings the 'Up' House to Life

 - Mar 7, 2011
References: mymodernmet
You probably never thought you'd see a real floating house, but the National Geographic channel turned the Pixar fantasy into reality. Just like in the animated film 'Up,' hundreds of balloons were tied to a pointy-roofed yellow house... and it actually lifted off the ground!

The experiment, which took place on an airfield near L.A., broke a world record for "the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted," according to The house sailed through the sky for over an hour, reaching more than 10,000 feet into the air. Best of all, there were people inside the house while it was suspended!

The gallery shows a few shots from the real floating house project, and in the fall, National Geographic will reveal the entire event on film on a new show called 'How Hard Can it Be?'