CleanMetrics Uses CarbonScopeData to Determine the Real Cost of Food

 - Jun 20, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: sciencedirect & cleanmetrics
Life-cycle cost analysis is integral to many business decisions, but traditional life-cycle cost analysis ignores environmental and sustainability in the equation. CleanMetrics has taken a step toward integrating a carbon footprint component in their LCCA software.

Using CarbonScopeData, the largest scientific standards-based life-cycle inventory database in North America, Cleanmetrics applies green analytics to food. Cleanmetrics claims that it can deliver reliable, high-quality life-cycle carbon footprint assessments for all food and beverage products and services.

Implications - Processing data for a full range of crop and animal production systems as well as food processing, packaging and disposal, CarbonScopeData is a cutting-edge way to reduce carbon footprints and raise awareness about the effects of food production and consumption on the environment.