David Amar's Raymond Table is Made Out of Tools and Found Objects

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: amardavid & mocoloco
The Raymond Table is genuinely a mess of a design, but this scrappy piece of furniture sports this look for a very good reason. Inspired by French poet and novelist Raymond Queneau and French chemical engineer and mathematician François Le Lionnais's 'OuLiPo' (or workshop of potential literature), the Raymond Table is far from a chaotic design. In fact, it has much purpose.

As designer David Amar puts it, "Each set of tools enables a range of possibilities, an open system, adjustable according to different environments and spatial requirements." Therefore, the Raymond Table has been composed according to defined constraints and sets of rules and principles, just as OuLiPo advises writers to approach their work.

The Raymond Table is made out of industrially manufactured tools with found materials.