Like Their Soaps, Rawganique's Packaging is Handmade

 - Sep 6, 2015
Rawganique is a chemical-free line of soaps founded in 1997 by Thammarath Jamikorn and Klaus Wallner. The range of handcrafted products are made through a process that is centered on "end-to-end purity," with each of the items made in-house in safe environments. Jamikorn and Wallner are both described as "off-the-grid island homesteaders," a lifestyle that is observable in the products themselves.

Rawganique's intricate packaging design was created by Peltan-Brosz Roland, a Budapest-based graphic designer. The Rawganique studio and manufacturing premises are located on Denman Island in Canada's Strait of Georgia.

The packaging is characterized by haphazard, geometrical strips on a yellow and off-white label that slides over the bars of soap. The Rawganique line also includes bar shampoos.