The Rationalizer Tells You to Chill When Your Temper Flares

 - Oct 15, 2009
References: dailymail & engadget
Most people encounter stress in their daily lives, and the Philips Rationalizer is a curious gadget that aims to alert its wearer of temper flares that could negatively impact their ability to reason. The Rationalizer is comprised of two units, the EmoBracelet and the EmoBowl, that essentially act like a mirror of your emotions. The bracelet and bowl light up with fiery tones of yellow, orange and red when they detect elevated stress levels, giving you a reminder to take a deep breath.

The Philips Rationalizer was designed in conjunction with ABN AMRO and is intended for online investors working at home, according to Engadget. Chief of Business Development Geert Christiaansen says that the Rationalizer will work better on men, since they’re more emotional investors than women, and uses a galvanic skin response sensor to detect intense feelings.

As our tech-enhanced lives continue to become more hectic, the need for balance and decompression grows. While the Philips Rationalizer was designed with investors in mind, any employee with a high-stress position—including telecommuters and virtual office workers—could benefit from this gadget’s real-time monitoring of stress levels. And the relatively minimalist aesthetic of the Rationalizer means that business travelers can include it in their luggage as well.

While Geert Christiaansen says that it will likely be several years before a product like the Philips Rationalizer comes to market, one thing’s for sure: We haven’t seen the last of emotion-detecting gadgets targeted towards working individuals.

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