Venture Supply Co. is Launching a New Kind of Watch Closure System

 - Feb 27, 2017
Venture Supply Co. just introduced the world's only ratchet belt strap for watches on Kickstarter.

The World's Only Ratchet Belt Strap for watches is now available. You've probably heard of Mission Belts, SlideBelts, or other belts that use this ratcheting system. Yet somehow, the ratchet belt strap didn't exist for watches. Venture decided that everyone deserves a ratchet belt strap. You can purchase just the ratchet belt strap to use with any compatible watches, or you can purchase their affordable, minimalist watch and ratchet belt strap together.

The ratchet belt strap isn't the only nice thing about these watches. The watches themselves are made with Swiss Ronda movements, sapphire crystal glass to prevent scratches, and are 5 ATM water-resistant. Watches using this material usually cost more than $500, but for a limited time Venture is offering its ratchet belt strap and classic watch for less than $100.