This Photo Series Depicts Colors Exploding Underwater

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: faithistorment & designtaxi
This rainbow exploding photography was captured by a photographer named Mark Mawson. He created an extraordinary photo series titled ‘Aqueous Rainbow Skies’ where swirls of colored liquids are depicted exploding. The use of vibrant rainbow-infused colors makes a stunning view of how the reaction is created underwater. The colors that are visible are yellow, red, orange, green. blue and other blends of hues.

The exploding submerged scene has a powerful chemical reaction that really shows how rainbow-hued explosions can create large clouds. The detail within each hue is so clear that you can actually visualize a sense of movement and rhythm as the clouds dance underwater. This rainbow exploding photography series really makes an impression of showcasing many beautiful textured tones of different hues.