Rag & Bone: A Saga of Hope, Drama, and Miniskirts

 - Apr 10, 2008
References: barneys & fashionista
For Rag & Bone's spring collection, the fashion house created a campaign featuring Abby Lee as a young model who looks distraught and on the verge of tears.

The aptly titled "A Saga of Hope, Drama, and Miniskirts" appears on the Barney's website and features the short story of a beautiful young model in the midst of a career change. The story line:

"I'm in desperate need of a new career"

"Quantum physics has always turned me on. On the other hand..."

"If I were a hired assassin I would be able to make my own hours..."

"Code-breaking is hot... but..."

"Being a ruthless mercenary is probably more me."

"A sneaky double-agent?"

"A sassy saboteur?"

Then ends with this:

"Or I could just stick with modeling and laugh all the way to the bank..."

Fashionistsa ads, "The 'saga' features Abby Lee suffering a career crisis in some very cute, very preppy outfits with some very rock 'n roll makeup by Gucci Westman, (who in case you forgot is married to the David Neville half of Rag & Bone)."

Abby Lee, according to Wikipedia, is the young, London 'Girl With A One-Track Mind.' Don't get this model mixed up with her! This Abby Lee is not the Sex Friend!