The Radioacktiva Planeta Rock Campaign Takes a Jab at Other Music Genres

 - Aug 27, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
As dramatic and unreal as the images in the Radioacktiva Planeta Rock ad campaign might seem, many people can attest to the fact that music has saved their lives, whether in a small or big way. It might not have been rock, but in this case the print ads are advocating this genre's healing powers. Of course, more is going on than first meets the eyes.

The Radioacktiva Planeta Rock ad campaign shows rock music stepping in the save the lives of latin and rap music. Considering the influence it has had lately in the music industry, people can't really scoff at this bold statement. Conceived and executed by ade, an ad agency based in Bogotá, Colombia, the campaign does raise a valid point.

The Radioacktiva Planeta Rock ad campaign was art directed by Pedro Cardenas and Jaime Tocora.