The Radiator Cat Bed Allows Cats to Sleep Comfortably in the Cold

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: laughingsquid
It's getting colder but despite all the hair on their backs, cats get pretty cold too so why not let them snuggle up in a radiator cat bed?

The Jolly Moggy Radiator Cat Bed is a cylindrical tube that hangs onto a household radiator. Made from bamboo slats and eco-fiber, it has just enough room for the chilly kitty to curl up into a warm fuzzball. The radiator cat bed comes with three entrances and exits: one on each side of the tube and one at the top center so the curious cat can poke its head out every now and then to see what's happening elsewhere. With all the warmth that's preserved in the insulated hut, the furry feline may never want to leave its cozy warm domain.

Image Credits: Amazon