The 'r l o n L3' is a Sleek Light That Uses a Metal Ball as a Switch

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: pamono & yankodesign
The 'r l o n L3' is an inviting light with mysterious qualities. Designed very simply with a wooden platform, light ring and metallic sphere, this light brings the idea of minimalist design to a whole new level. The metallic sphere is a focus item on the piece and its smooth and reflecting aesthetic represent the energy source of the system. The weight of the sphere invites play and gives the light an incredibly tactile feel. The feel of the sphere is important as this removable piece functions as the switch for the light.

The r l o n L3 does not feature an integrated light and is instead controlled by sliding the metallic sphere along the top of the wooden platform. Shifting towards the light will illuminate the light rings, while sliding it away will shut it off. The movement of the sphere along the wooden base is smooth and feels almost poetic as its journey illuminates of darkens.

Image Credit: r l o n