'Quiet' by Luis Marte Uses the Absence of Light to Illuminate

 - Apr 17, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: dostudio.do & behance.net
No shoot is simpler or more dramatic than one that uses a silhouette, and 'Quiet' by Luis Marte is a perfect example. These shots feature a well-placed spotlight and a pitch-black background to illuminate the model's features.

My favorite shot from 'Quiet' by Luis Marte is the first one, in which the model's mouth is open in a silent scream. It's amazing how much emotion can be expressed in such dim lighting.

Implications - And that just goes to show the deft skill of Luis Marte. He captures shots that are beautiful, haunting, and original, and does so without stripping the subject of its character. In a day and age where the old adage 'less is more' seems to mean less and less, Luis Marte is a photographer with old school sensibilities.