The Quidi Vidi Brewery Harvests Icebergs to Make Beer

Newfoundland's Quidi Vidi Brewery is creating some of Canada's most unique brews by using icebergs as a key ingredient. While Canada is already known for its high-quality ice wine, this brewery is creating an entirely different kind of drink from the country's abundance of snow and ice.

Quidi Vidi Brewery produces eight distinct beer brands out of iceberg water harvested from the frozen drifts floating off of Canada's eastern coast. Iceberg water has less than eight parts per million of impurities, meaning it is far more pure than the water used to make other beers. To convey this sentiment, Quidi Vidi Brewery packages its beer in distinctive blue glass bottles.

For those looking for a drink that is quintessentially Canadian, Quidi Vidi Brewery's iceberg water beer is the perfect choice.