'QR-Code' Lets Users Create Colorful, Animated QR Codes That Actually Scan

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: github & boingboing.net
QR-Code is a program hosted on github and created by "sylnsfar," a Chinese user. The program allows any code-savvy user to create either a static or animated QR code that contains an image file or GIF. However, rather than just being a gimmick, the QR Codes created with the QR-Code program will actually function just like any other graphic.

Technically speaking, QR codes are matrix barcodes that contain some sort of information (commonly something like a URL.) They work by precisely placing black pixels on a white background in unique combinations. The codes created by QR-Code keep this system intact while including either color or black and white images that do not impede the QR code's ability to convey data.