These Puzzle Sets Focus on Recreating Color Shades Rather than Pictures

 - Dec 18, 2015
References: areaware & designtaxi
Creative designer Bryce Wilner has put together a line of puzzle sets that unconventionally focus on the gradient transition between shades of color, rather than picturesque landscapes or illustrations. The abstract concept behind the puzzle focuses on creating a relaxing and stress-free game that encourages the slow completion of the piece.

Traditionally puzzles are detailed works showcasing illustrations of landscapes, objects, animals or even people that feature hundreds of tiny pieces that recreate the illustration. The AreaWare puzzles offer a slightly more complicated task by removing lines, shape and variety of color from the equation and focusing solely on several shades of the same hue. The gradient effect of the overall piece offers a sublime effect as users put together the pieces focusing slowly on the subtle shift in color.