These Pumpkin Oil Sets Refine Meat, Vegetables and Desserts

There are many recipes that call for pumpkin oil, but consumers might not otherwise think to use this flavorful oil to enhance their everyday meals. In order to make some of the versatile applications of pumpkin oil more apparent, Frank's Naturprodukte created two-piece sets for enhancing the flavors of dinner and dessert items.

The pumpkin oils to enhance meat, fish and vegetable sets are enriched with herbal extracts. While these vials focus on some of the more robust and savory flavors that pumpkin oil can bring out in a dish, the dessert oil in each set includes sweeter extracts with vanilla and tonka bean.

The Gusto oils can be used to enhance everything from slices of roast beef to salads, salmon, as well as ice cream and fresh cuts of fruit.