New Street Artist in Buenos Aires

PUM PUM is a new Street Artist in Buenos Aires with a very unique style. Child figures, rabbits with great ears, bears, sentimental cats, and doubtful zombies are figures who arise from the talent to shape drawings with aerographs and markers. The streets of Buenos Aires act as the canvas of her works. The district of Palermo is the area where more of his drawings could be seen. The new location of the kitsch bar “Mundo Bizarro” (Serrano 1222, Palermo) is the location for PUM PUM's latest painted walls.

If you are in Buenos Aires, you must check the corner of Córdoba and Humboldt, where more drawings could be seen. The sweepings baskets that the government of the city replaces time and time again are their favourites. It seemed to be that before their eyes are these baskets like great linen cloths that need to be drawn. Welcome her artistic impulses.